Mental Health Services

CLINICAL ASSESSMENT – One or two sessions in which you and I review your current symptoms and history to determine what kind of problem you are having.

GENERAL PSYCHOTHERAPY – The mental health techniques I employ include exploring feelings, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral methods, psychodrama and homework assignments. I offer Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, commonly known as EMDR, as an option for some clients. EMDR is an innovative mental health practice. It is a highly effective approach based on the information-processing model. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (eye movements, hand tapping, audio tones) to assist the brain in processing (or digesting) disturbing information. EMDR is a three-pronged approach, addressing past, present and future. If your assessment indicates you might be a good candidate for EMDR, we will discuss this in more depth. For more information on EMDR, check out the website:

TREATMENT OF SEXUAL CONCERNS – I treat general sexual concerns and sexually compulsive behavior (acting out, internet use, etc.). See the Treatment of Sexual Concerns page for more detailed information.

CLINICAL SUPERVISION – I am an experienced clinical supervisor and enjoy working with provisionally licensed counselors. I provide individual and group supervision for LPCAs. Please see my Professional Disclosure statement for details regarding my approach, location, and fees.

WHAT WILL TREATMENT BE LIKE? The first time we meet, we will get to know each other; I will ask questions about your current concerns and symptoms, any other treatment you are receiving and any medication you are taking.

LIFESTYLE RECOMMENDATIONS: I am not a doctor and do not dispense medical advice. I do ask clients about their lifestyles, which impact their mental/emotional well-being. I sometimes recommend lifestyle modifications, exercise, nutritional supplements and diet improvements. These are based on scientific evidence – however, you should always check with your primary care physician before employing any of these recommendations. If lifestyle concerns are your greatest challenges, consider my coaching services, which can effectively address these issues outside the psychotherapy framework.

MEDICATIONS: If you are taking psychoactive medications, information about this will help me make good decisions about how to conduct your treatment. Therefore, I may ask for a written release from you to share information with your prescribing doctor. I am not a doctor and do not dispense any medical advice; I work with clients’ doctors to ensure the best, most comprehensive care for my clients.